Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight On Keto Diet

Weight loss is actually a dream come true for many people. It is one of the important reasons to choose keto diet for many. Let us consider that you have started keto with this intention, but could not find any results. It can be highly frustrating. Even, some people lose weight initially, but they hit the nasty plateau. But, you need not have to worry. Both situations are not unusual and you are not alone. Now, it is time to understand some reasons that might prevent you losing weight on Keto:

Reasons that prevent weight loss in keto:

Have you checked your carb levels? Of course, I can hear you saying that I am taking only the suggested foods. One of the important reasons for ineffectiveness is that you are taking too much carbs. Are you taking foods only as per suggestion? Then, it is time for you to watch out some drinks. Yes, almond milk or coconut milk might be the contributors. Even, some health drinks come with high sugar content. So, you should keep a watch on them as well.

Even, some veggies like cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and sprouts are rich in carbs. They can add up over the course. So, you should be careful with them. Even, fruits with high sugar content might be contributors. Even, spices like garlic and onion powder can add up to your carbs.


  • Keep a watch on the number of carbs you take per day. Make sure that the number is less than 25 grams.
  • Check food labels and make sure that they are not high on net carbs.
  • Look into purchasing CBD oil. They have been proven to be effective when using side by side with a Keto diet.

How about calories? Are they too high or low in your diet? It is true that counting calories are not part of keto. But, if you are too low on calories, it might not work in your favour. In the same way, if you are high in calories, it will not work. But, there is no fixed amount of calories recommended. You should consider factors like your age, height, and weight.


  • Use a dependable tool like an app for counting the calories you take.

Are you taking too much protein? Of course, protein is the core part of a healthy diet. It will help you maintain muscle mass when you lose weight. But, you will have to strike a delicate balance with this macro. If you consume too little protein, it will provoke hunger. In turn, your energy levels will dip. Yet, if you consume too much protein on keto, it will affect your weight loss.

Let us consider that you consume more protein than you need. Then, the metabolic process called gluconeogenesis will start. It means that your body will get out of keto. When this happens, the body will convert the excess off of protein into glycogen. In turn, your body will get the energy. So, it will stop burning fat. You should keep the protein consumption at an equilibrium level.


  • Get a keto calculator to identify your estimated protein need and consume accordingly.
  • Make sure that you do not avoid protein. Also, make sure that you do not take lean meats for every single meal.

Have you ever evaluated the fat you take? It is true that healthy sources of fats are important. They are essential for your body in optimal quantities. But, if you do not keep a check on the fatty foods, it will go the other way. So, just check the quantity of fat you take. Too much can hinder your weight loss. It is true that calories, make a difference in weight loss. However, the quantity is important. Consuming excess fat, particularly, in pure forms will overload your body. The overloading will happen in the form of empty calories. Also, fats in pure form will not bring essential nutrients to your body. But, they just add calories in the form of fats.


  • Have an eye on the fats you take on a daily basis.
  • Eat more natural fatty foods. For instance, you can consider taking fatty cuts of meat and fatty fish.
  • Make sure you take butter and coconut oil dishes in minimal quantities.

Are you consuming more dairy products and nuts? If you are in the first sixty days of the ketogenic diet (also known as keto diet), better skip cheese, cream, and milk. It will help you understand whether you are sensitive to dairy products. Also, cutting on dairy products will help you lose weight. Similar to eating nuts, you will stop ketosis when you take too much dairy products. Do you know why these foods impair your weight loss? It is because of the calorie-dense nature. You can restrict yourself from taking too many nuts by opting for shelled nuts. Even, you can replace some of them with dried fruits. They are rich in nutrients and fibre and also simple sugars like fructose. Even, you should take them in moderation as well.


  • Reduce nut consumption, nut butter and also foods made using nut flours
  • Omit dairy, particularly cheese and heavy cream for a few weeks.

Does your ketosis diet include too low carbs? Of course, carb consumption should be low in your ketosis weight loss endeavour. However, overindulgence can derail ketosis. Further, it will also lead to cravings. In turn, you might get into overeating. You should remember one thing here. Most treats with a low level of carbs will have a high level of artificial sugars. Also, they are low in real nutrients. These artificial sweeteners can induce your cravings for the wrong foods. In turn, you will have a hard time losing weight. So, wise thinking is important when snacking.


  • Use lesser keto sweeteners like erythritol or stevia
  • Reduce the consumption of homemade keto desserts and snacks
  • Stop yourself from opting for sugar-free or low-carb snacks

Have you engaged yourself in a healthy checkup? You should remember about some undiagnosed underlying health conditions. Let us consider that an individual has undiagnosed issues. He will have a hard time losing weight with keto. So, before you begin with keto, get a complete health evaluation.

So, understand these reasons and take the tips above. In turn, you will achieve your weight loss goals with keto.